Dan Georgess

Assistant Professor of Cell Biology

Dr. Dan Georgess is a cell biologist committed to tackling a major challenge in breast cancer research: metastasis, which is the spread of breast tumor cells to distant organs. He utilizes 3D organotypic culture of tumors from human and mouse as an experimental approach to model the distinct cellular processes that comprise the metastatic cascade and identify targetable molecular mechanisms driving tumor progression and drug resistance.

Current research projects in the Georgess lab focus on:

  1. Understanding the epigenomic changes triggering epithelial invasion and dissemination
  2. Identifying the drug-resistant metastatic epithelial populations in human breast cancers
  3. Dissecting the phosphosignaling switch from non-invasive to invasive tumor

Research Interests

Dr. Georgess received his PhD training at ENS de Lyon (mentors: Dr. Pierre Jurdic, Dr. Irma Machuca-Gayet), working on cell migration and matrix remodeling. During his graduate training, he was the recipient of the prestigious EU-funded Marie Curie Fellowship and the ARC Foundation for Research Against Cancer Doctoral Fellowship.

Driven by the impact of modeling cellular behaviors in relevant physiological and pathological contexts, Dr. Georgess joined Dr. Andrew Ewald’s lab at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as a postdoctoral fellow where he developed quantitative experimental strategies for investigating tumor invasion using 3D organotypic culture combined with state-of-the-art microscopy, reverse genetics, next-generation sequencing and biochemistry. He uncovered druggable molecular nodes governing epithelial dissemination. For his postdoctoral work, received consecutive postdoctoral fellowships from the American Association of Anatomists and the Komen Foundation for the Cure. He was also awarded Best Postdoc Presentation Award at the American Association of Anatomists Meeting at Experimental Biology, and invited to chair the Metastasis and Therapy Resistance session at the Gordon Research Seminar on Mammary Gland Biology.


An updated list of publications can be found here


Dr. Georgess enjoys teaching biology, mentoring students, and developing novel research-oriented courses. He currently teaches General Biology (Bio201, Bio202), Developmental Biology (Bio401) and Biology Senior Study (Bio499). He is also developing a new Undergraduate Honors and Graduate course (4D Biology, Bio681).

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology (2013), École Normale Supérieure de Lyon
  • MSc in Cell and Integrative Biology (2009), University of Grenoble
  • BSc in Life Sciences (2008), Lebanese University