Hagop A. Yacoubian

Associate Professor of Education
Director of Education

Hagop A. Yacoubian joined LAU in fall 2018 as associate professor of education. He is also education program director. His research generally involves exploring how future citizens can be empowered so that they develop a critical mindset and engage in democratic decision-making processes. One particular focus involves the preparation of scientifically literate future citizens. He explores how the teaching of nature of science within the context of precollege science education could be used to empower future citizens to develop a critical mindset, engage in democratic decision-making processes, and be advocates of social justice.

Dr. Yacoubian has consulted schools and projects as well as trained teachers and school administrators in the Middle East, Europe and North America. Previously, he has worked as a school science teacher and has served as the Head of the Science Department at a K-12 school. Most recently, prior to joining LAU, he was associate professor of education and the chair of the Faculty of Social & Behavioral Sciences at Haigazian University.

Selected Publications


  • Yacoubian, H. A. & Hansson, L. (Eds.) (2020). Nature of Science for Social Justice. Cham: Springer. https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030472597
  • Yacoubian, H. A. (2016). Critical Thinking at the Armenian Schools in Lebanon. Beirut: Haigazian University Press.

Journal Special Issue

  • Yacoubian, H. A. & Bazzul, J. (Eds.) (2015). Rethinking education for citizenship [Special issue]. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education, 15(3).

Book chapters

  • Yacoubian, H. A. (2020). Teaching nature of science through a critical thinking approach. In W. F. McComas (Ed.), Nature of Science in Science Instruction: Rationales and Strategies. Cham: Springer.
  • Hansson, L. & Yacoubian, H. A. (2020). Nature of science for social justice: Why, what and how? In H. A. Yacoubian & L. Hansson (Eds.), Nature of Science for Social Justice. Springer.
  • Yacoubian, H. A. (2020). Turning unwanted stereotypes about scientists into nature of science learning experiences that foster social justice. In H. A. Yacoubian & L. Hansson (Eds.), Nature of Science for Social Justice. Springer.

Selected articles 

  • Yacoubian, H. A. (2021). Students’ views of nature of science: A long-term study. Science & Education, Online First. 
  • Naal, H., Tavitian, L., & Yacoubian, H. A. (2020). Predictors of mental health literacy in a sample of university students in Lebanon. International Journal of Mental Health. Online First.
  • Yacoubian, H. A. (2020). Is science a universal or a culture-specific endeavor? The benefits of having secondary students critically explore this question. Cultural Studies of Science Education, 15 (4), 1097-1119.
  • El Takach, S. & Yacoubian, H. A. (2020). Lebanese science teachers’ and their students’ perceptions of science and scientists. International Journal of Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology, 8(1), 65-75.
  • Yacoubian, H. A. & Khishfe, R. (2018). Argumentation, critical thinking, nature of science and socioscientific issues: A dialogue between two researchers. International Journal of Science Education, 40(7), 496-807.
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  • Yacoubian, H. A. & BouJaoude, S. (2010). The effect of reflective discussions following inquiry-based laboratory activities on students’ views of nature of science. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 47, 1229-1252.

Academic degrees

  • PhD in Secondary Education (Concentration in Science Education), 2012, University of Alberta, Canada.
  • MA in Education (Concentration in Science Education), 2006, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.
  • TD in Science Education (Concentration in Secondary Education), 2003, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.
  • BS in Medical Laboratory Technology, 2001, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.