Jomana Elaridi

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Elaridi is an associate professor of chemistry in the Natural Sciences Department at the Lebanese American University. She is also the academic director of MEPI-TLU. She received her BSc(Chemistry) with Distinction from the American University of Beirut in 2000 and graduated with a PhD in Chemistry from Monash University in 2006. She worked as a post-doctoral research fellow/lecturer at Monash for from 2006-2008 and lectured at several universities prior to acquiring her full-time position at LAU.

Dr. Elaridi is highly committed to effective university teaching and teaches multiple courses including chemical principles and organic chemistry.

Research Interests

Dr. Elaridi is a synthetic organic chemist by trade and has published several manuscripts related to developmental routes to peptidomimetics and the synthesis of novel compounds with anti-cancer activity in peer-reviewed high impact factor journals. More recently, she has established original independent research in the field of food toxicology by analyzing breast milk, infant formula, olive oil, wheat and flour for toxic metals and mycotoxins. Her research received visibility in scientific journals and in national media outlets. She has made fruitful collaborations with prominent local and international scientific experts in domains such as biology, nutrition, food science, inorganic chemistry and environmental science and has presented her work at local and international conferences.

In addition to her love of chemistry, Dr. Elaridi is also passionate about female empowerment. In 2018, she presented a well-received TEDx talk titled: “Confessions of a Struggling Supermom” about the struggles of working mothers. When she has a spare minute, she loves to read, hike, exercise, and enjoy delicious food with her family.

Selected Publications

  1. Elaridi, J.; Fakhro, M.; Yamani, O.; Othman, H.; Attieh, Z. Analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in bottled commercially available olive oil in Lebanon using GC-MS. Toxicological Research 2020. (Q2, IF 2.927)
  2.  Elaridi, J.*; Yamani, O.; Al Matari, A.; Dakroub, S.; Attieh, Z. Determination of OTA, OTB, T-2 and HT-2 toxins in wheat grains, wheat flour and bread in Lebanon by LC/MS/MS. Toxins 2019, 11, 471. (Q1, IF 3.895).
  3.  Elaridi, J.; Dimassi, H.; Hassan, H. Aflatoxin M1 and ochratoxin A in baby formulae marketed in Lebanon: Occurrence and safety evaluation. Food Control 2019, 106, 106680. (Q1, 4.248)
  4. Digambara, P.; Al Homsy, N.; Jaafar, S.; Neouchy, Z.; Elaridi, J.; Koubeissi, A.; Bouhadir, K. H. Preference of adenine-adenine over thymine-thymine intermolecular hydrogen bonding in adenine- and thymine-functionalized naphthalenediimides. Journal of Fluorescence 2019, 29, 307-318. (Q3, IF 1.913)
  5. Javad, M. T.; Vahidinia, A.; Samiee, F.; Elaridi, J.; Faradmal, J.; Rahmani, A.; Leili, M. Analysis of aluminum, minerals and trace elements in the human milk of lactating mothers in Hamadan, Iran. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 2018, 50, 8-15. (Q2, IF 2.895)
  6. Elaridi, J.; Ezzeddine, A.; Abramian, L.; Koubeissi, A.; Bouhadir, K.H. Synthesis and characterization of novel pyrimidine-based biopolymers. Designed Monomers and Polymers 2018, 21, 64-74. (Q2, IF 1.577)
  7. Bassil, M.; Daou, F.; Hassan, H.; Yamani. O.; Abi Kharma, J.; Attieh, Z.; Elaridi, J.* Lead, cadmium and arsenic in human milk and their socio-demographic and lifestyle determinants in Lebanon. Chemosphere 2018, 191, 911-921. (Q1, IF 5.108)
  8. Elaridi, J.; Bassil, M.; Abi Kharma, J.; Daou, F.; Hassan, H. Analysis of aflatoxin M1 in breast milk and its association with nutritional and socio-economic status of lactating mothers in Lebanon. Journal of Food Protection 2017, 80, 1737-1741. (Q2, IF 1.604)
  9. Elaridi, J.*; Bou Karroum, N.; Bou Hadir, K; Gali-Muhtasib, H.; Fatfat, M. Synthesis and characterization of novel acylhydrazide derivatives of 2,3-dichloronaphthoquinone. Organic Communications 2017, 10, 122-129. (Q4, IF 0.563)
  10. Hassan, H.; Elaridi, J.; Bassil, M. Evaluation of gluten in gluten-free-labeled foods and assessment of exposure level to gluten among celiac patients in Lebanon. International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition 2017, 68, 881-886. (Q1, IF 2.648)

Academic Degrees

  • BSc in Chemistry, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
  • Honors Degree in Organic Chemistry, Monash University, Australia, with High Distinction.