Lina Abi Rizk Khoury

Visiting Lecturer of Social Work

Dr Lina Abi Rizk Khoury holds a PhD in Social Work from the Lebanese School of Social Work, Saint Joseph University in Beirut. Her research explores the sustainability of social entrepreneurship initiatives launched by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Lebanon.

Dr. Abi Rizk joined LAU in fall 2021 as a full-time visiting lecturer of social work in the Department of Social Sciences.

Before joining LAU, and in addition to her work as a university lecturer, Dr. Abi Rizk had consulted CSOs (NGOs and environmental organizations) as a trainer and researcher mainly in the field of program evaluation, needs assessment, and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA). Prior experience includes engaging with local and international NGOs as a social worker intervening with families, counseling in the design and implementation of career guidance programs for Intermediate and secondary school students, and managing area development programs in international organizations.

Dr. Abi Rizk is committed to the cause of vulnerable children and disadvantaged areas, and she reflects this commitment through volunteering with many organizations. Previously, she was a member of Intersocial, a transnational group of social workers conducting research regarding social workers as peacekeepers in a context of war and violence. She is also a member of Mada, a community development organization, where she served on the board of directors for two terms. Nature, hiking, swimming and reading are all part of her hobbies, but it is with her family that she spends the best times of her life.

Research Interests

Her main research interests focus on the sustainability of socio-economic initiatives launched mainly by NGOs. She is currently working on two articles; the first explains the role of NGOs in achieving sustainable development goals, and the second explores the transformation of activities and professions in the social sector.

Forced displacement is another topic of interest to her as she has already conducted several evaluations of programs where the target populations are made up of refugees or members of host communities.

Selected Publications

  • Abi Rizk Khoury Lina: « La pérennité des initiatives d’entrepreneuriat social (IES) lancées par les organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) au Liban ». (The sustainability of social entrepreneurship initiatives launched by the non-governmental organizations in Lebanon). March, 2020. Aifris.eu : https://aifris.eu/03upload/uplolo/cv5374_2669.pdf
  • Tarazi Sahab Layla, Abi Rizk Khoury Lina, EL Husseini Mayssa’ and Moro Marie-Rose : Vulnérabilité psychique des équipes, expérience libanaise auprès des déplacés syriens, 2018 Elsevier Masson SAS. Tous droits réservés http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.soin.2018.05.003

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Social Work, Ecole Libanaise de Formation Sociale” (ELFS), St. Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon (USJ).
  • Master in Social Work, (concentration in Research), Ecole Libanaise de Formation Sociale”, St. Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Bachelor degree in Social Service, Ecole Libanaise de Formation Sociale, St. Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon.