BA in Arabic Language and Literature Mission, Objectives and Learning Outcomes

The BA Program in Arabic Language and Literature offers a quality Arabic Program that appeals to a range of student interests and offers a wide range of career opportunities after graduation. The program will attract graduate students with a strong liberal arts background who hope to enhance their role as future educators, scholars experts in Arabic and Middle Eastern affairs.  

Program Objectives

The BA program in Arabic Language and Literature will:

  1. To give students an interdisciplinary background and expertise in analytical and writing skills that will qualify them for jobs in a variety of fields such as education, journalism, publishing, translation and creative arts.
  2. To prepare students for today’s interdisciplinary graduate studies programs in Arabic Literature and Language, Comparative Literature, Middle Eastern Studies, Religious Studies, etc.
  3. To give students wishing to pursue a career in high school education a level of literary and cultural proficiency that will qualify them for the best jobs in Lebanon, in the region and in western countries (assuming that the students also acquire the Teaching Diploma).  

Learning Outcomes

Students of this program will be able to: 

  1. Receive intensive training in the analysis of literary texts that include poetry and prose. 
  2. Become fully acquainted with major trends of literary heritage in both medieval and modern times, as well as theories of Arabic rhetoric, prosody and literary criticism from classical, modern and post-modern perspectives.
  3. Acquire a high level of mastery of the Arabic grammar and other branches of Arabic linguistics, such as philology and lexicology.
  4. Demonstrate ability to write and express the outcome of their learning in a scholarly manner.
  5. Establish a solid ground for graduate studies in disciplines related to the culture and civilization of the Middle East.