BA in Social Work and Community Development

What Will I Learn?

The BA in Social Work & Community Development prepares you to assist families, children and individuals with social, interpersonal, financial and medical issues. As social workers, you learn to assess clients’ needs and determine what programs or advice will help them live full, happy lives.

The major aims at acquainting you with social sciences and humanities principles, as well as the basic skills of interpersonal and inter-group communication. You learn to understand and to critically analyze current and past social policies, with a focus on their social and economic dynamics.

Your Career

The program prepares you for graduate studies, or for careers in social work, based on the local and regional market demand. Some graduates tend to pursue careers in elementary and secondary schools, hospitals, nursing homes, substance-abuse centers, mental-health facilities, private and government agencies.

Most commonly, graduates become social workers or social and human services assistants. The duties of a social worker or social services assistant may include planning group therapy, assisting clients with applying for social programs, such as welfare, and maintaining accurate client records.


This program requires 92 credits:

Major Core Requirements (42 credits)

Number Course Cr
SWO201 Introduction to Social Work 3
SWO203 Citizenship and Leadership 3
SWO210 Introduction to Community Development 3
SWO301 Sociological Perspectives in Social Work 3
SWO302 Psychological Perspectives in Social Work 3
SWO313 Family and Child Welfare 3
SWO320 Social Work Practice Methods I 3
SWO322* Field Work Experience I 3
SWO350 Social & Welfare Policies 3
SWO355 Research Methods 3
SWO411 Sustainable Community Development: Theories & Practice 3
SWO420 Social Work Practice Methods II 3
SWO422* Field Work Experience II 3
SWO499 Social Work Capstone Project 3

*The field work components of the program must be completed in Lebanon

Elective Courses (9 credits) 

Students can choose any three courses or three courses from a specific emphasis.


Number Course Cr
SOC201 Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC311 Social Problems, Stratification and Marginalization 3
SOC321 Sociology in the Arab World 3
WOS313 Women in the Arab World 3


Number Course Cr
PSY201 Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY202 Child Psychology 3
PSY203 Psychology of Youth 3
PSY204 Social Psychology 3
PSY311 Exceptional Child 3

Political Science/Legal Studies

Number Course Cr
POL201 Introduction to Political Science 3
POL231 Introduction to Human Rights 3
POL252 Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution 3
POL331 International Organizations 3
LEG201 Introduction to Legal Studies 3


Number Course Cr
MGT201 Introduction to Management 3
MGT401 Project Management 3
MGT441 Human Resources Management 3


Number Course Cr
COM222 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM213 Public Relations 3
ENG412 Grant Writing 3

See the Liberal Arts Curriculum page for details.

*Important notes: