Academic Departments

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Communication Arts

The Department of Communication Arts is dedicated to excellence in the production and diffusion of knowledge and the critical practice of Communication, Multimedia Journalism, Television and Film, and the Performing Arts.

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Computer Science and Mathematics

The Computer Science and Mathematics Department offers highly diverse undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Science, Bioinformatics and Mathematics.

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The Education Department prepares professional K-12 teachers in both their subject matter and pedagogy and enables experienced educators to update their knowledge and skills.


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The English Department offers a BA in English, with tracks in professional creative writing and a Minor in English. It houses a Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) of both language and literature courses.

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The Humanities Department offers a number of courses to fulfill Freshman Arts requirements and a rich variety of required and elective courses for the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum.

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Natural Sciences

The Natural Sciences Department’s courses are tailored to the bioinformatics, computer science, pharmacy, medicine, and engineering programs. They emphasize integrated laboratory experiences and modern experimental techniques.

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Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary department with faculty committed to high-quality undergraduate and graduate instruction across the social sciences. Dedicated to excellence in teaching and research, the department faculty, staff and students are also committed to serving the community.