Academic Departments

Communication Arts photo

Communication, Arts & Languages

The Department of Communication, Arts and Languages is a multidisciplinary entity encompassing the various branches of arts, including Literature, Language, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Communication, and Humanities.

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Computer Science and Mathematics

The Computer Science and Mathematics Department offers highly diverse undergraduate and graduate programs in Computer Science, Bioinformatics and Mathematics.


Liberal Education

The Department of Liberal Education promotes a versatile and enriching academic experience catering to students from all disciplines. It currently oversees four different entities: the Intensive English Program, the Freshman Program, the Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum, and the Writing Center.

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Natural Sciences

The Natural Sciences Department’s courses are tailored to the bioinformatics, computer science, pharmacy, medicine, and engineering programs. They emphasize integrated laboratory experiences and modern experimental techniques.

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Social & Education Sciences

The Department of Social and Education Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degrees across the social sciences, including political science, political science/international affairs, psychology, interdisciplinary gender studies, education, and migration studies