Message from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences, the home of Liberal Education, the locus of artistic and scientific activities and the hub of social and political endeavor at the Lebanese American University.

Our School prides itself for attracting diverse faculty who hail from various corners of Lebanon, as well as international faculty who call Lebanon home. We share a passion for teaching, for advancing knowledge, and a commitment to the stewardship of our environment, our societies and our cultures.

If you are perusing these pages as a prospective student, I invite you to visit the site of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum (LASC) where you will get a sense of the unique pedagogical approach that we adopt in delivering multidisciplinary courses that engage students in the most pressing issues that face us at the local, regional and global levels. 

All our programs share a common goal: to deliver education that is student-centered, locally relevant with a global outlook, and of accredited international standards. We are unique in the MENA region for our approach to liberal education, and our graduates are sought after by graduate schools and employers world-wide. Your next stop should be the program-specific pages where you will find detailed descriptions of each of our degrees along with links to the respective departments.

The School of Arts and Sciences is the largest school at LAU and it is its oldest academic entity. It has served the Lebanese, Arab and international communities throughout its history and graduated renowned artists, scientists and social scientists. Our alumni base is local and international, and we pride ourselves on the robust and mutually rewarding relationship that we share with our graduates.

On behalf of everyone at the School, I invite you to join us to embark on a life changing experience that will unleash your academic and professional capacities while immersing you in a world that is at once challenging and intellectually rewarding.