Social Engagement

The School of Arts and Sciences’ teaching and research are firmly entrenched in, and they decidedly serve the communities that surround us. Our campuses are hubs of intellectual activities, many of which are open to the public, while our outreach programs range from summer camps to volunteering and community outreach. It is our belief that universities have a duty to make a positive impact on their students as well as intervene constructively on the local, national and regional stages.

Dr. Seba Ali relaunches relief mission for August 4 victims
Every year, the School of Arts and Sciences organizes a number of free summer camps where high school students can learn more about their favorite subjects in a university environment. At the end of the week-long camps, the School awards scholarships to students with the best final projects to study at LAU.
The Imagine Workshop and Concert Series (IWCS) organized the first Autism-friendly concerts in Lebanon to include more diverse communities.
In our English language courses, faculty structure their sessions around local or regional issues that allow students to develop a sophisticated discourse for engaging critically and creatively with the world that surrounds them.
The Mary Turner Lane Award in collaboration with the AiW – is an annual competition with monetary reward offered to the student with the most promising piece on gender issues.
Nutrition students conduct various community interventions in PHCs, hospitals, schools and other public venues, for the promotion of breastfeeding, prevention of diabetes, and screening of NCDs.

All About the Arts

The IMAGINE Workshop and Concert Series (IWCS) is a series of events—from concerts, workshops, panel discussions, art exhibitions, outreach and education programs that bring all arts disciplines together, to commissioning projects and supporting LAU students and alumni, and young students and artists. IWCS seeks to stimulate and encourage the appreciation, performance and composition of performing arts.

social-engagement-isac-dance.jpgImagine Summer Arts Camp (ISAC) is a one-of-a-kind summer camp that combines music, dance and acting through a comprehensive and fun learning experience. Campers enjoy learning from LAU’s faculty and guest artists through classes, workshops and artistic performances in a safe and fun environment.



International Dance Day Festival
The International Dance Day Festival in Lebanon is part of UNESCO’s designated International Dance Day. The week-long event focuses on community outreach offering free workshops to dance students across the country.

International Dance Day Festival
LAU students majoring in English have contributed to recording audiobooks, participating in workshops, and attending awareness sessions pertaining to issues of people with disabilities, in collaboration with the Youth Association of the Blind, an NGO that works on integrating blind students in society.

Festival NEXT
Festival NEXT builds on the history of LAU’s International University Theater Festival. It strives to create an interdisciplinary space for innovative, avant-garde, and experimental performing and communicative arts. It offers opportunities to students and pre-professionals to work with established artists through workshops, lectures, productions, and performances.

CONNECTions magazine
Created by Communication Arts students, staff and faculty and supervised by Dr. Claudia Kozman, CONNECTions Magazine is the annual publication of the Department of Communication, Arts and Languages.The magazine brings together the CAL community and highlights the annual achievements of the department’s students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

International Dance Day Festival
The LAU Writing Center launched a project in 2016 that provided training and follow up sessions to dozens of teachers and coordinators representing schools across Lebanon that initiated writing centers on their campuses.

… and the Sciences

Nutrition activities
As part of the Nutrition and Dietetics Coordinated Program (CP) internship, students take part in community rotation at Makhzoumi foundation and Ain w Zein long term care where many community projects, health awareness campaigns and education take place. In the current Covid-19 crisis, CP students and their preceptors have been using tele-health to provide online nutrition consultation to LAU community. They have also conducted an online health education session to pregnant and lactating women in Lebanon as part of an interprofessional activity.

Nutrition activities
Nutrition students conduct a yearly food drive for the Lebanese Food Bank. In addition, through their food production course, they cook meals and donate them to this NGO as well.

Education activities
In collaboration with the Outreach and Civic Engagement department, Education students have been providing educational entertainment for children aged 5 -15 years, who come from extremely challenging circumstances, and who are on the verge of leaving school at the OLA center in Sidon. LAU students design and deliver education games with the children and enthusing them about learning.