Contact Us

To contact the Office of the Dean please call, visit or write to:

Ms. Laila Ghorayeb
Principal Executive Assistant, Beirut campus
Phone: +961 1 786456 extension 1105
Email: lghrayeb@lau.edu.lb
Office: Nicol Hall 522F

Ms. Nelly Abboud
Principal Executive Assistant, Byblos campus
Phone: +961 9 547254 extension 2333
Email: nelly.abboud@lau.edu.lb
Office: Block A 815

Staff office hours are 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM.

Departmental Contacts

Communication Arts Department

Houry Gostanian

Senior Academic Assistant, Beirut
Nicol Hall - Ground Floor - 219B
Phone: +961-1-786456 or +961-1-867098 ext: 1272
Email: houri.gostanian@lau.edu.lb


Computer Science and Mathematics Department

Dania Shebaro

Senior Administrative Assistant, Beirut
Office: Orme Gray Hall 407, Beirut campus
Phone: +961-1-786456, ext. 1813
Email: dania.shebaro@lau.edu.lb

Gioia Wehbe

Lead Academic Assistant, Byblos
Office: Block A 809 A, Byblos campus
Phone: +961-1-786456, ext. 2914
Email: gioia.wehbe@lau.edu.lb

Education Department

Dina Noueiri

Academic Assistant
Office: Shannon 4006, Beirut campus
Phone: +961-1-786456, ext. 1648
Email: dina.noueiri@lau.edu.lb

English Department

Ms. Carla Farah

Senior Academic Assistant, English, Beirut
Office: Nicol Hall 201, Beirut campus
Phone: +961-1-786456, ext. 1170
Email: cfarah@lau.edu.lb

Ms. Elizabeth-Adrienne Hardan

Lead Academic Assistant, English, Byblos
Office: BA711P, Byblos campus
Phone: +961-1-786456, ext. 2872
Email: elisabeth.hardan@lau.edu.lb

Humanities Department

Rola Jaber

Academic Assistant, Humanities, Beirut
Office: Nicol Hall 102e, Beirut campus
Phone: +961-1-786456, ext. 1104
Email: rola.jaber@lau.edu.lb

Elisabeth-Adrienne Hardan

Lead Academic Assistant, Humanities, Byblos
Office: BA711P, Byblos campus
Phone: +961-1-786456, ext. 2872
Email: elisabeth.hardan@lau.edu.lb

Natural Sciences Department

Ms. Hanan Naccache

Senior Academic Assistant, Natural Sciences, Beirut
Office: Sage Hall 107, Beirut campus
Phone: +961-1-786456 ext. 1114
Email: hnaccash@lau.edu.lb

Ms. Lara Ziade Salloum

Academic Assistant, Natural Sciences, Byblos
Office: Block A, Room 82
Phone: +961-1-786456 ext. 2320
Email: lara.ziade@lau.edu.lb

Social Sciences Department

Ms. Samantha-Joe Beyrouthy

Lead Academic Assistant
Byblos campus
Office: Block A, Office 804 A
Phone: +961-1-786456 ext. 2481
Email: samantha-joe.elbeyrouthy@lau.edu.lb

Ms. Chantal Chaoul

Lead Academic Assistant
Beirut Campus
Office: Orme Gray 506
Phone: +961-1-786456 ext. 1981
E-mail: chantal.chaoul@lau.edu.lb