The School of Arts and Sciences offers you a diverse and interdisciplinary programs in the arts and sciences and a unique liberal arts curriculum.

In its commitment to student-centeredness, as SoAS students, you have an opportunity to apply to the school’s competitive and signature Undergraduate Research and Discovery Program which engages undergrads in research and/or artistic projects.

Through a number of Study Abroad Programs, you also have the opportunity to have life-changing experiences, build contacts from all over the world, discuss pressing global issues and engage in research and debates, and meet international professors, artists and researchers. 

Community outreach and engagement is at the core of the School’s mission to serve surrounding communities constructively. You can be involved in initiatives such as health awareness campaigns, school teacher training, voluntary translation services, and programs  such as the Imagine Concert and Workshop Series

No university experience is complete without involvement in LAU’s diverse student clubs. Become more socially engaged and find students who share your passion in our wide array of clubs.