IMAGINE Summer Arts Camp


Imagine Summer Arts Camp (ISAC) is a one-of-a-kind summer camp that combines music, dance and acting through a comprehensive and fun learning experience. Campers enjoy learning from LAU’s faculty and guest artists through classes, workshops and artistic performances in a safe and fun environment.


The three-week summer camp introduces a new method of performing arts education through the integration of music, dance, theater and acting. The camp combines fun and rigorous activities that nurture the campers’ love and appreciation to the arts. Emphasis is placed on creative activities, hands-on learning, and collaborative projects, as campers work toward performances for their families to enjoy at the end of camp. Imagine Summer Arts Camp focuses on Music (Classical Chamber Music, Piano, Voice and Choir, and Rock Band), different styles of dance, acting and set designing. Starting the second week of the camp, each day a new discipline will be introduced for example, fine arts, architecture, journalism …etc. ISAC 2019 has also added a filmmaking class.


“Amazing experience and I would definitely join again as long as I am learning new things.”