Chemistry Labs

Besides all the basic equipment, these labs house advanced instruments used for chemistry research and learning serving students in all health and natural sciences disciplines.

Beirut Campus

Teaching Labs

The two chemistry teaching labs in Beirut are equipped for practical course work by students in the various health and natural sciences disciplines. The labs accommodate up to 50 students of all levels and support experiments ranging from freshman-level to those requiring advanced analysis and techniques. Both teaching labs are equipped with Audio Visual systems for continuous demonstration and experimental purposes.

Chemistry Lab I (Sage 403)

The equipment within this lab include balances, pH meters, water baths, UV-visible spectrophotometers, rotary evaporator and a fume hood

Chemistry Lab II (Sage 404)

This lab contains a fat extractor, a fiber analyzer, a muffle furnace and a fume hood, in addition to basic equipment such as balances and pH-meters.

Research Labs

Chemistry Research Lab (Sage 401)

This lab includes PC- controlled viscosity meters, a UV-Vis spectrophotometer, an IR spectrophotometer, a spectrophluorophotometer, osmometers, BOD analyzers, a  sieve shaker and a grinder.

Instrumental Lab (Sage 405)

The research in this lab is mainly focused on analytical chemistry. The main equipment includes an Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy for the quantitative determination of metals in food and water samples and a High Performance Liquid chromatography used for identifying, quantifying and purifying the individual components of a mixture. In addition, this lab includes total organic carbon and NCHS elemental analyzers system, a gas-chromatography system a Thermogravimetric analysis system and a polarimeter. A fume hood and a glove box are also available in this lab for advanced chemical synthesis under argon and helium atmospheres.

Chemistry Research Lab (Sage 407)

This lab contains a microwave digestion system used to completely break down samples (metals, pharmaceuticals, plants, soil, or food) prior elemental analysis. It also contains a Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry used in analytical chemistry and a Hydra II Mercury micro pipetting system.

Chemistry Research Lab (Sage 408)

This lab comprises the necessary equipment for the determination of nitrogen by Kjeldahl method. It also contains a setup for advanced organic synthesis.

Annexed to the chemistry laboratories are storage facilities with the latest safety equipment of gas detection, chemical spill and fire alarm systems. The labs employ the latest methods for waste treatment and management.

Byblos Campus

Teaching Lab

Chemistry Lab (Sci 508)


This lab facility is for undergraduate, teaching lab, includes adjacent storage room Sci 508B for glassware and another reagent stock room in Sci 510. The chemistry lab houses several general equipment, oven, undergraduate rotary evaporator, fume hoods, a large water purification system type I and type II + also all kind of basic instruments used in teaching (Melting point apparatus, ph. Meters, barometer, centrifuge…).

Research Labs

Optoelectronic Material Lab (Sci 508C)

This lab located next to the chemistry-teaching lab, contains several equipment used in research work, CEM microwave synthesizer, sublimation system, rotary evaporator, UV-VIS spectrometer, and electrochemical workstation.

Instrumental Lab (Sci 503)

The instrumental lab in sci.503 contains three main equipment Nuclear Magnetic resonance NMR 300 –Varian, Gas chromatography Agilent, and GC-MS (gas analyzer) Shimadzu.

Proteomics Lab (Sci 309)

The Proteomics lab, Sci309, is equipped with a Nano-LC system and a proteomic analyzer (MALDI TOF/TOF Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization-time-of-flight mass spectrometer) with proteomics bioinformatics analysis software.

Research Lab (Sci 304B)

This lab is equipped with High performance Liquid chromatography HPLC preparative, Spectro Carry 60 spectrophotometer, freeze drier, vacuum dessicator, fiber/fat extraction instrument and soxhlet extractor.

Instrumental Lab (Sci 105)

This newly added facility in Sci.105 is equipped with the following systems; ICPMS MS- Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, GC-MS/MS -Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry, FTIR - Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, electrochemical workstation, spectrofluorometer and LCMS/MS liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry an Absorption spectrometer.