Ahmad Oueini

Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Ahmad Oueini is a tenured associate professor of education at LAU. He joined the then Department of Education in fall 1997 on a full-time basis.

His emphasis is in counseling and special education (learning disabilities). Dr. Oueini teaches undergraduate, TD and graduate courses in education in classroom management, educational psychology, assessment, learning disabilities, and psychology.

His research interests are bilingual language development, dyslexia, diglossia, testing, teacher training, and classroom management.

SDGs Research Mapping

Dr. Ahmad Oueini conducts research relevant to the following SDGs:

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

  1. El Charif, M., Oweini, A., & Zeitoun, S. (2018). The Effects of Problem-Based Learning in Chemistry Education on Middle School Students’ Academic Achievement and Attitude (Approved for publication as a book chapter in the upcoming book Education Application and Developments III to appear in 2018.) 
  2. Khalifeh, J. M. & Oweini, A. (2016). Effects of Read-Word Versus Pseudo-Word Phonics Instruction on the Reading and Spelling Achievement in Lebanese First Graders. In M.  Carmo (Ed.). Education Applications and Developments II.  Ch 20, InScience Press (217-228)
  3. Oweini, A. & Issa, G. (2015). Evaluating MOCEP Pilot Program in Lebanon in Palestinian Camps. In M. Carmo (Ed.), Education Applications and Development. Ch 21, InScience Press.
  4. Oweini, A. & ElZein, Heyam L. (2013). Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs: The Case of Lebanon. Accepted for publication in Springer International Handbook on Educational Leadership and Social (In)Justice. (Volume  II, Chapter No. 38 in the section titled Global Interventions).


  1. Oueini, A. Awada, G&Kaissi, F. (Under Review). Effects of Diglossia on Classical Arabic: Language Developments in Bilingual Learners. Gema Online Journal of Language Studies
  2. Oweini, A. & Daouk, C. (2016). Effects on Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles Model on Achievement and Motivation: A Case Study in Innovative Learning. The   International Journal for Talent Development and Creativity (IJTDC).  4(1), August, and 4(2), December, 63-70
  3. Amin, N. & Oweini, A. (2013). The social competence intervention in autistic spectrum disorders (ASDS) – A case study. International Journal of Special Education, 28(3)
  4. Assi, G. & Oweini, A. (2013). The Effect of Barkley’s Behavior Management Principles on a child with ADHD in a Lebanese inclusive classroom: A case study.  The American and Scholarly Research Journal, Special Issue, April, 5 (3)
  5. Fedda Darwiche, O. & Oweini, A. (2012).  The Effect of Diglossia on Vocabulary Acquisition in Arabic of on Lebanese Students.  Educational Research and Reviews. 7 (16), 351-361
  6. Demachkie, M.O, & Oweini, A. (2011). Using the collaborative strategic reading strategy to improve seventh graders’ reading comprehension in Arabic: A pilot study. International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, 6 (3), 219-231
  7. Oweini, A. & Hazoury, K. (2010). Towards a list of Awards a Sight Word List in Arabic, International Review of Education, 56 (4), 457-478
  8. Hazoury, K., Oweini, A. & Bahous, R. (2009). A Multisensory Approach to Teach Arabic Decoding to Students with Dyslexia. Learning Disabilities: A Contemporary Journal, 7(1), 1-20
  9. Haraty, N., Oweini, A. & Bahous, R. (2007). Speaking to Domestics in Lebanon: Power Issues or Misguided Communication? Journal of Intercultural Communication, 14


Translated and adapted the online course ‘Basics for teachers: Dyslexia – How to identify it and What to do’ with co-author Katia Hazoury (http://www.dyslexia-international.org/our-projects/on-line-teacher-training-course)

Conference Proceedings

  • Ibitian, M. & Oweini, A. (2019). The Association between Bullying, Maltreatment, and Personality Traits Among Adolescents from Armenian Schools in Lebanon. END Conference, Porto, Portual, June 22-24 

Academic Degrees

  • Doctor of Education, International Educational Development, Specialization: Psychological Counseling, May 1994.
  • MA, Columbia University: Special Education. Specialization: Learning Disabilities; training included 251 hours of student teaching, observations and other school activities.
  • Master of Education, Columbia University: Psychological Counseling, February 1992.
  • MA, Columbia University: Student Personnel Administration. Specialization: College Freshmen Orientation and Advisement, May 1989.
  • BBA, American University of Beirut: Business Administration, July 1987.


  • Dunn & Dunn Learning Style
  • Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program (LiPS) to teach decoding and spelling to students with reading disabilities.
  • Simultaneous Multisensory Approach Teaching (SMT) at the Canadian Dyslexia Centre