Emmanuelle Awad

Visiting Lecturer of Psychology

Emmanuelle Awad is a visiting lecturer of psychology in the Department of Social and Education Sciences at LAU.

She is currently a PhD candidate in psychology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, in the Department of Eating Disorders and Obesity. She obtained an MS in psychology with a research emphasis from Lund University in Sweden.

Passionate about research, she worked and collaborated on many peer-reviewed articles that were published in international journals. She is still currently active in research projects concerning psychology and mental health with professionals from Lebanon and the Netherlands.

SDGs Research Mapping

Dr. Emmanuelle Awad conducts research relevant to the following SDGs:

Selected Publications

  • Semaan, S., Haddad, C., Awad, E., Sacre, H., Hallit, R., Akel, M., & Hallit, S. (2023). Caring for a Mentally Ill Patient at Home, Mental Health, Religiosity, and Spirituality and Their Association with Family Caregivers’ Quality of Life in Lebanon. The Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders, 25(4), 47977.
  • Zoghbi, R., Awad, E., Hallit, S., & Matta, C. (2023). Prevalence of Orthorexic Tendencies and Their Correlates Among Lebanese Patients with Cancer. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 00315125231182733.
  • Awad, E., El Othman, R., Hallit, S., & Obeid, S. (2023). Association Between Personality Traits and Procrastination and the Mediating Effect of Emotional Intelligence in Lebanese Medical Students. The Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders, 25(2), 46422.
  • Awad, E., Fawaz, M., Hallit, S., & Obeid, S. (2022). The moderating effect of emotion regulation in the association between coping strategies and resilience in Lebanese adults. BMC Psychology, 10(1), 1-10.
  • Awad, E., El Khoury-Malhame, M., Yakin, E., Hanna, V., Malaeb, D., Hallit, S., & Obeid, S. (2022). Association between desire thinking and problematic social media use among a sample of Lebanese adults: The indirect effect of suppression and impulsivity. Plos one, 17(11), e0277884.
  • Awad, E., Hallit, S., & Obeid, S. (2022). Does self-esteem mediate the association between perfectionism and mindfulness among Lebanese university students?. BMC psychology, 10(1), 1-8.
  • Awad, E., Rogoza, R., Gerges, S., Obeid, S., & Hallit, S. (2022). Association of social media use disorder and orthorexia nervosa among lebanese university students: the indirect effect of loneliness and factor structure of the social media use disorder short form and the Jong-Gierveld loneliness scales. Psychological Reports, 00332941221132985.
  • Obeid, S., Awad, E., Wachten, H., Hallit, S., & Strahler, J. (2022). Temperaments and orthorexia nervosa: a cross-cultural study between Germany and Lebanon. Current Psychology, 1-14.
  • Awad, E., Obeid, S., Sacre, H., Salameh, P., Strahler, J., & Hallit, S. (2022). Association between impulsivity and orthorexia nervosa: any moderating role of maladaptive personality traits?. Eating and Weight Disorders-Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity, 27(2), 483-493.
  • Awad, E., Hallit, R., Haddad, C., Akel, M., Obeid, S., & Hallit, S. (2022). Is problematic social media use associated with higher addictions (alcohol, smoking, and waterpipe) among Lebanese adults?. Perspectives in Psychiatric Care58(4).
  • Awad, E., Salameh, P., Sacre, H., Malaeb, D., Hallit, S., & Obeid, S. (2021). Association between impulsivity and orthorexia nervosa/healthy orthorexia: any mediating effect of depression, anxiety, and stress?. BMC Psychiatry, 21(1), 1-14.
  • Awad, E., Salameh, P., Sacre, H., Malaeb, D., Hallit, S., & Obeid, S. (2021). Association between impulsivity and healthy orthorexia: any moderating role of personality traits?. Psychology, Health & Medicine, 1-10.
  • Awad, E., Haddad, C., Sacre, H., Hallit, R., Soufia, M., Salameh, P., & Hallit, S. (2021). Correlates of bullying perpetration among Lebanese adolescents: a national study. BMC pediatrics, 21(1), 1-8.
  • Salim, Z., Haddad, C., Obeid, S., Awad, E., Hallit, S., & Haddad, G. (2021). Command voices and aggression in a Lebanese sample patients with schizophrenia. Psychiatria Danubina, 33(1), 27-35.
  • Awad, E., Sacre, H., Haddad, C., Akel, M., Salameh, P., Hallit, S., & Obeid, S. (2021). Association of characters and temperaments with cigarette and waterpipe dependence among a sample of Lebanese adults. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 28(7), 8466-8475.
  • Malaeb, D., Salameh, P., Barbar, S., Awad, E., Haddad, C., Hallit, R., Sacre, H., Akel, M., Obeid, S., & Hallit, S. (2021). Problematic social media use and mental health (depression, anxiety, and insomnia) among Lebanese adults: Any mediating effect of stress?. Perspectives in psychiatric care, 57(2), 539-549.
  • Malaeb, D., Awad, E., Haddad, C., Salameh, P., Sacre, H., Akel, M., & Hallit, S. (2020). Bullying victimization among Lebanese adolescents: the role of child abuse, internet addiction, social phobia and depression and validation of the Illinois bully scale. BMC Pediatrics, 20(1), 1-11.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD Candidate in Psychology (Eating Disorders and Obesity), Maastricht University, Netherlands, 2023.
  • Master of Science in Psychology (Research), Lund University, Sweden, 2021.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Clinical), Notre Dame University, Lebanon, 2019.