Faisal N. Abu-Khzam

Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Faisal N. Abu-Khzam is a professor of computer science.

Research Interests

His research interests include graph theory, combinatorial optimization, exact and parameterized algorithms, parallel computing and computational biology.

Selected Publications

  1. F. N. Abu-Khzam, S. Li, C. Markarian, F. M. auf der Heide, P. Podlipyan. Efficient parallel algorithms for parameterized problems. Theoretical Computer Science, volume 786, pages 2-12, 2019.
  2. F. N. Abu-Khzam, C. Bazgan, K. Casel, H. Fernau. Clustering with Lower-Bounded Sizes - A General Graph-Theoretic Framework. Algorithmica, volume 80, number 9, pages 2517-2550, 2018.
  3. F. N. Abu-Khzam, C. Markarian, F. M. auf der Heide, M. Schubert. Approximation and Heuristic Algorithms for Computing Backbones in Asymmetric Ad-hoc Networks. Theory of Computing Systems, volume 62, number 8, pages 1673-1689, 2018.
  4. F. N. Abu-Khzam, E. Bonnet and F. Sikora. On the Complexity of Various Parameterizations of Common Induced Subgraph Isomorphism. Theoretical Computer Science (Elsevier), volume 697, pages 69-78, 2017.
  5. F. N. Abu-Khzam. On the Complexity of Multi-Parameterized Cluster Editing. Journal of Discrete Algorithms (Elsevier), volume 45, pages 26-34, 2017. 
  6. F. N. Abu-Khzam, C. Bazgan, M. Chopin and H. Fernau. Data Reductions and Combinatorial Bounds for Improved Approximation Algorithms. Journal of Computer and System Sciences (Elsevier), volume 82, pages 503-520, 2016.
  7. F. N. Abu-Khzam and P. Heggernes. Enumerating Minimal Dominating Sets in Chordal Graphs. Information Processing Letters (Elsevier), volume 116(12), pages 739-743, 2016. 
  8. F. N. Abu-Khzam, J. Egan, M. R. Fellows, F. A. Rosamond and P. Shaw. On the Parameterized Complexity of Dynamic Problems. Theoretical Computer Science(Elsevier), volume 607(3), pages 426-434, 2015.
  9. F. N. Abu-Khzam, K. Daudjee, A. E. Mouawad and N. Nishimura. On Scalable Parallel Recursive Backtracking. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, volume 84, pages 65-75, 2015.
  10. F. N. Abu-Khzam, C. Feghali and H. Muller. Partitioning a Graph into Disjoint Cliques and a Triangle-free Graph. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 190-191, pages 1-12, 2015.
  11. F. N. Abu-Khzam. Maximum Common Induced Subgraph Parameterized by Vertex Cover, Information Processing Letters, volume 114, number 3, pages 99-103, 2014.
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  15. F. N. Abu-Khzam. A Kernelization Algorithm for r-Set Packing. Information Processing Letters, volume 110, number 16, pages 621-624, 2010.
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  17. F. N. Abu-Khzam, H. Fernau and M. A. Langston. A Bounded Search Tree Algorithm for Parameterized Face Cover. Journal of Discrete Algorithms, Volume 6, Issue 4, December 2008, Pages 541-552.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Computer Science, 2003, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, US.
  • MS in Mathematics, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.
  • BS in Computer Science, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.