Ghada Al-Kadamany

Lecturer of Chemistry

Dr. Ghada Al-Kadamany earned her PhD in 2007 from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany with distinction, where she did research in synthetic inorganic chemistry. She then joined the City University of New York, USA as a postdoctoral fellow with extra teaching duties. Before that, she graduated from the Lebanese University with a BS in chemistry and from the American University of Beirut with an MS degree in analytical chemistry. 

Dr. Al-Kadamany spent over three years as an assistant professor in Saudi Arabia, after which she returned to Lebanon in 2017, where she acquired a vast teaching experience. In fall 2022, she was selected for a full-time position at LAU.

Dr. Al-Kadamany has passion for instilling into her students minds the beauty of scientific logic. She also enjoys reading, learning about philosophy, and playing tennis.  


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Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany
  • MS, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
  • BS, Lebanese University, Lebanon