Giselle Pempedjian

Senior Instructor of English

Giselle A. Pempedjian is a senior instructor of English and the supervisor/coordinator of the English Language Laboratory in the Department of Communication, Arts and Languages.

Her research interests include implementing web tools in learning and incorporating technology in learning. Her emphasis is on effectively blending online learning with face-to-face classes, and implementing online learning in order to meet students’ individual needs.

Pempedjian has taken part in Project Zero Classroom, the Harvard program on how to create classrooms, learning materials and environments that promote learning and understanding. In addition, she has participated in a workshop in Amsterdam University on how to effectively use the internet in language teaching.

Pempedjian is an e-Learning specialist and consultant. A certified Blackboard trainer, Pempedjian also designs and offers training sessions for faculty members and students at LAU. An active member in the online learning community, she participates as a reviewer in the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program.

She has shared her research in many renowned international conferences, and has been sitting on the program committee for many prominent international educational events.

Academic degrees

  • MSc in Educational Leadership, Leicester University, Leicester, UK
  • TD, Lebanese American University, Lebanon
  • BA in Education, Lebanese American University, Lebanon