Latifa Reda

Lecturer in Political Science and International Affairs

Dr. Latifa Reda is a visiting lecturer in political science and international affairs at LAU. She teaches courses in research methodology, political theory and philosophy, comparative politics, Middle East politics, politics of the Global South and democracy.

Dr. Reda previously held teaching positions in other academic institutions in the United Kingdom, Colombia and Lebanon where she taught comparative politics of Asia and Africa, Middle East politics, research methods, globalization and conflict resolution theory.

She has also previously worked as a consultant for several international and local organizations. She has conducted research and written reports, studies and policy papers on regulatory frameworks, practices and programs pertaining to education, labor, migration, refugees and development in Arab countries.

Research Interests

Her research interests include political thought, democratization and comparative politics of the Global South, namely Latin America and the Middle East.

Selected Publications

  • Reda, L., M. Issa & S. Baroudi (2021), “The Impact of Lebanon’s Multidimensional Crisis on Young Adults’ Political Attitudes and Behavior,” The Arab World Geographer, 24(4), 303-323.
  • Reda, L. (2017), “The Socio-economic Aspects of hijra: Approaches to Migration in the Islamic Tradition,”  Sociology of Islam, 5(2-3), 161-178.
  • Jureidini, R. & Reda, L. (2017), “The Convergence of Migrants and Refugees: Western and Muslim Perspectives,” Sociology of Islam, 5(2-3), 224-247.
  • Reda, L. (2017), “The concepts of labor, workers’ rights, and migration in Islam,” In A. Toseef & N. Kizilkaya (Eds.), Labor in an Islamic Setting: Theory and Practice. London and New York: Routledge, 55-69.
  • Reda, L. (2016), “International Labour Standards and Islamic Teachings: The Principles of the Basic Entitlement Package for Migrant Workers in Arab Countries,” Arab Law Quarterly, 3(30), 199-223.
  • Reda, L. (2016), “Origins of the Islamic Republic’s Strategic Approaches to Power and Regional Politics: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict in Khomeini’s Discourse,” Middle East Critique, 2(5), 181-203.
  • Reda, L. (2014), “Khatt-e imam: The Followers of Khomeini’s Line,” In A. Adib-Moghaddam (ed.), A Critical Introduction to Khomeini, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 115-148.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Politics and International Studies, 2012, SOAS University of London, United Kingdom.
  • MA in International Affairs, 2006, Lebanese American University, Lebanon.
  • BA in Political Science, 2003, Lebanese American University, Lebanon.