Loulwa Kaloyeros

Senior Instructor Psychology

Loulwa Kaloyeros is a senior instructor of psychology at LAU, and a psychologist with many years of experience in teaching, training and counseling. She has been teaching at LAU since 1988.

Since her graduation from Manchester University in the UK in 1987, she has focused on developing training programs for the educational sector. She is interested in training administrative personnel as well as training teachers into best practices. She has also developed training programs for the business community.

Professional Interests and Projects

In this respect, Kaloyeros is interested in the fields of interpersonal and managerial skills necessary for the success of any profession. In the field of teaching, most of her work has been toward developing active learning strategies to engage students and allow them to develop their full potential.

She is also heavily engaged in pro-bono work at the level of the community where she devotes time for local NGOs and dispensaries.

Since 2014, Kaloyeros has been the resident psychologist on the prestigious television show Stars of Science where she develops personality profiles for the candidates, and accompanies them in their journey from casting to the finals. The philosophy of her role is to help candidates develop mindfulness and explore all aspects of their personality and life experiences.

Academic Degrees

  • MSc in Developmental Psychology from the University of Manchester
  • BA in Psychology from the American University of Beirut