Reine Azzi

Instructor of English and Moral Reasoning
Coordinator-Liberal Education Arts

Dr. Reine Azzi grew up in Nigeria and later came back to Lebanon to complete her BA in English Language and Literature.

She was accepted into a scholarship program funded by the European Commission, the Erasmus Mundus, and graduated with distinction among the first group of humanities graduates, with an emphasis on literature and gender studies. 

Prior to joining LAU, Dr. Azzi worked for an international NGO, where she served as reporting officer and monitoring manager on a number of programs in South Lebanon and Nahr El Bared. 

At LAU, she teaches a number of literature, language, and philosophy courses. She is also the licensee, curator, and host of TEDxLAU, the first independently-organized TED-like university event in Lebanon. 

She is also a faculty fellow in the Center for Innovative Learning’s inaugural program. She is currently designing a flipped approach in order to re-engage the moral reasoning classroom.


  • Linguistic Imperialism and Attitudes towards Learning English in Lebanon: An Exercise in Critical Pedagogy (In process)
  • War in White Sheets: The Public Invasion of the Private Female Space in Women’s Literature, Journal of Arts and Humanities, Vol 2, No. 10 (2013). View article here
  • Shakespearean characters: Prisoners of their own psyche. In Congrès de l’Hôpital Psychiatrique de la Croix: Art et Psychiatre (Magazine article)

Academic Degrees

  • EdD in TESOL, University of Exeter, United Kingdom 
  • MA in European Humanities, 2007, University of St. Andrews (Scotland), University of Bergamo (Italy), and University of Perpignan (France)
  • BA in English Language and Literature, Lebanese University in Fanar, Lebanon