Rudy Abi-Habib

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology

Dr. Rudy Abi-Habib is an assistant professor of clinical psychology in the Department of Social and Education Sciences at LAU.

Fascinated by clinical psychology in its research, teaching and clinical facets, Dr. Abi-Habib completed a double PhD program in 2009 in Paris, and a two-year postdoctoral program in 2012 in Leuven, Belgium. He is a clinical psychologist and a psychodynamic psychotherapist since 2006.

Coupled with his passion for psychology he is strongly attached to many hobbies, some are active and others, not so much, due to time restrictions. Among the ongoing ones photography, scuba diving, collecting stamps, hiking and reading are on the top of the list. The most precious time though is the one spent with the family.

Research Interests and Projects

His research interests are psychopathology, such as personality disorders, trauma, and psychosomatic disorders, health psychology, psychometrics, as well basic psychological constructs such as attachment, reflective functioning and mentalization. He is currently working on several research projects involving psychosomatic disorders, substance abuse, impulsivity as well as the validation of international assessment tools into Arabic.

Selected Publications

  1. Pia Tohme, Ian Grey, Rudy Abi-Habib (2020): The Mental States Task (MST): Correlates and New Perspectives on Mentalizing in Lebanon, Journal of Personality Assessment (In press)
  2. Christina Shane-Simpson, Anna M. Schwartz, Rudy Abi-Habib, Pia Tohme, Rita Obeid (2020): I love my selfie! An investigation of overt and covert narcissism to understand selfie-posting behaviors within three geographic communities, Computers in Human Behavior, DOI: 10.1016/j.chb.2019.106158
  3. Rudy Abi-Habib, Nourhane Wehbe, Karim Badr & Pia Tohme (2020): Do Prisoners Mentalize Differently? Investigating Attachment and Reflective Functioning in a Sample of Incarcerated Lebanese Men, International Journal of Forensic Mental Health, DOI: 10.1080/14999013.2019.1684403
  4. Kristen Gillespie-Lynch, Nidal Daou, Maria-Jose Sanchez-Ruiz, Steven K Kapp, Rita Obeid, Patricia J Brooks, Fumio Someki, Nava Silton, Rudy Abi-Habib (2019): Factors Underlying Cross-cultural Differences in Stigma Toward Autism Among College Students in Lebanon and the United States, Autism, DOI: 10.1177/13623611318823550

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Clinical Psychology & Psychopathology – Denis Diderot University – Paris, France.
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology - Saint Joseph University - Faculty of Human Sciences - Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology – Lebanese University - Faculty of Human Sciences- Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Bachelor Psychology – Lebanese University - Faculty of Human Sciences - Beirut, Lebanon.