Stephanie Farah

Instructor of English

Stephanie Farah is an instructor of English in the Department of Communication, Arts and Languages at LAU.

Prior to joining LAU, she taught linguistics, rhetoric, oral communication, business English and English language courses at several universities and institutions in Lebanon and Canada. She has also trained speakers at TEDxNDU, delivered soft skills training for companies in Lebanon, and engaged in data analysis projects in the UAE.

Research Interests

Farah’s research interests include political discourse analysis, propaganda and language manipulation, language and psychological trauma, neurolinguistics, critical thinking, independent learning and hybrid course design, all of which topics that she has conducted studies on and presented at conferences in Lebanon and the USA.

Farah was also a Fulbright scholar at North Carolina State University where she worked on devising strategies to train writing center tutors.

Academic Degrees

  1. MA in English Language and Literature, 2010, Notre Dame University Louaize, Lebanon.
  2. BA in English Language and Literature, 2004, Lebanese University, Lebanon.