Tony Farjallah

Senior Instructor of TV/Film

Tony Farjallah has been teaching TV/Film in Lebanon since 2000 at LAU, USEK, NDU, ALBA , and Antonin University as a part timer and became a full time instructor at LAU in 2003. He currently teaches production courses such as Introduction to Radio, TV and Film; TV production I; TV production II; Editing; and Radio Production.

He has directed Middle East Broadcasters productions in which LAU students participated and has taken part in international film conferences. His main interest is film-making.

Academic Degrees

  • Diploma in Philosophy From Lyon, France
  • BA in Theology from Kaslik, Lebanon
  • BFA in Filmmaking from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
  • BA in TV production from UQAM University, Montreal, Canada
  • MA in Educational Technology from University of Montreal, Canada