Wissam Kheir

Assistant Professor of Practice in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Wissam Kheir is an assistant professor of practice in clinical psychology in the Department of Social and Education Sciences at LAU.

He has extensive experience in the field of mental health, namely in emergency settings. He worked as a mental health advisor for the National Mental Health Programme (NMHP) at the Ministry of Public Health of Lebanon from 2014 until 2022. 

In addition, he provided several consultancies on mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) for the World Health Organization (WHO) in Lebanon. The focus of his work with the NMHP and WHO was on developing strategies, leading the integration of mental health into primary health care, conducting training and coaching for non-specialists in the field of mental health using WHO guidelines and tools (mental health gap action program, psychological first aid, Problem Management Plus, etc.). This is in addition to producing and reviewing technical documents and being involved in several research projects and studies such as the World Health Organization-Assessment Instrument for Mental Health Systems (WHO-AIMS) in Lebanon, the mental health Atlas, the 4Ws mapping, and the like. In addition, Dr. Kheir has assisted in providing mental health services to Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian refugees. 

Research Interests

Dr. Kheir’s main interest is mental health research with populations in low-resource settings, particularly on contributing knowledge to efficiently address the social determinants of mental health in such populations. He also has research experience in the area of global mental health, including clinical experience and expertise in developing psychological interventions for common mental disorders in people with comorbid chronic illnesses.

On the side, Dr. Kheir is a musician and an endurance athlete.

Selected Publications

  • Kheir, W., Zoghbi, E., Bteich, R., Rady, A., & El Chammay, R. (2021), “Modelling Target Workforce Estimates For Community-Based Mental Health Services In Lebanon,” Research Square (Preprint)
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Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology, 2018, Saint Joseph University, Lebanon.
  • MA in Mental Health Policy and Services, 2019, NOVA University Lisbon, Portugal.
  • MA in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology, 2012, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon.
  • Training in Reconsolidation Therapy (Brunet Method), 2020, McGill University, Canada.
  • Training in Interpersonal Psychotherapy, 2019, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York.
  • Training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 2009, Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne, Paris.