Zainab Abbas

Lecturer of Mathematics

Dr. Zainab Abbas joined LAU in September 2022 as a lecturer of mathematics. She has more than seven years’ experience teaching mathematics at various universities, including the University of Tours and the Catholic University of the West in Angers, France, in addition to the Lebanese International University and the Lebanese University. Dr. Abbas has taught several courses in calculus, real analysis, linear algebra, topology, measure theory, probability, partial differential equations, optimization and functional analysis. 

Dr. Abbas’ daily motive for teaching mathematics is driven by her belief in the beauty of mathematics and its power in being a language of the universe. Her goal is to inspire her students to recognize this hidden beauty and help them to develop the math skills essential to their fields of study.

Research Interests

In addition to teaching, Dr. Abbas’ research interests focus on conducting research primarily in the field of control and stability of partial differential equations – where the behavior of solutions of partial differential equations subject to boundary control or internal control is investigated and the stability of the system is studied using various methods, such as the resolvent method and the multiplier method. Spectral analysis and semigroup theory are usually involved in the study of the system.

The stabilization of partial differential equations has important applications in the science and engineering fields, including acoustics, aerospace and robotics.

Selected Publications

  1. Z. Abbas, S. Nicaise. “Polynomial decay rate for a wave equation with general acoustic boundary feedback laws,” SeMA J., 61 :19–47, 2013. (Winner of best paper award of SeMA for 2013).
  2. Z. Abbas, S. Nicaise. “The Multidimensional Wave Equation with Generalized Acoustic Boundary Conditions I: Strong Stability,” SIAM J. Control Optim., 53, no. 4, 2558–2581, 2015.
  3. Z. Abbas, S. Nicaise. “The Multidimensional Wave Equation with Generalized Acoustic Boundary Conditions II: Polynomial Stability,” SIAM J. Control Optim., 53, no. 4, 2582–2607, 2015.
  4. Z. Abbas, K. Ammari, D. Mercier. “Remarks on stabilization of second-order evolution equations by unbounded dynamic feedbacks,” J.Evol.Equ., 16(1), 95–130, 2016.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD in Mathematics, Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, 2014.
  • MS in Applied Mathematics-PDEs and Numerical Analysis, Lebanese University, 2011.
  • BS in Mathematics with high distinction, Lebanese University, 2009.