Early Childhood Center - Lab School

About the ECC

The Early Childhood Center is accessible from LAU’s lower gate.
The ECC boasts a large and safe playground with materials and equipments that are regularly inspected.
The ECC is housed in one of LAU’s historic landmarks, Shannon Hall, which was inaugurated in 1950.

The Early Childhood Center is a historic center, established back in the 1950s. Housed on the beautiful premises of LAU’s Beirut campus, the ECC is located on the ground floor of Shannon Hall surrounded by the LAU garden.

The ECC continues in line with its well-established reputation in providing a high-quality and developmentally appropriate learning experience in a rich and stimulating environment for young children. 

The ECC/Lab School coordinates with the Department of Social and Education Sciences and other departments at LAU to offer the most appropriate child-centered curriculum, and effective learning experiences based on current research findings. The ECC/Lab School also offers placement opportunities for LAU undergraduate and graduate students to apply their knowledge and skills in theory and in practice.

What Makes the ECC Unique?

The ECC is truly a unique place that is rich in resources and professional people with a distinctive approach towards learning. It combines: