Applying to the ECC

Parents who are interested in placing their children at the ECC should submit an application form. Enrollment is limited, and children are registered based on an admission’s application and interview.

In case there are no available slots at the ECC, interested parents may place their children’s names on a waiting list. Once there is a vacancy, parents will be contacted to register their children. Vacancies are filled on the basis of the date of application.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis and the restricted access to campus, LAU’s Early Childhood Center is closed until further notice.

Admitting Children

The following steps need to be completed before a child is enrolled at the ECC:

  1. The parents meet with the ECC director, observe the classrooms and are introduced to the philosophy and policies of the ECC.
  2. The ECC director and teachers interview the child in the presence of his/her parents.
  3. The parents receive a copy of the ECC Parent Handbook and return a signed form explaining that the material has been carefully read.
  4. Enrollment forms are accurately completed and submitted to the ECC. Please check the application form found under “Important Links”, on the top right side of the page.

Parents’ Orientation Sessions

As part of the enrollment process and the home-school partnership, parents will be invited to attend an orientation session to learn more about the ECC prior to the official starting date. There will be a complete presentation about the ECC and a time for questions and answers with the teachers. This will help orient parents to the unique and special characteristics of the ECC in general, as well as the curriculum and program philosophy.