Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution

Faculty and Researchers



Molly Hickey

Molly Hickey is a PhD candidate in the Department of Government at Harvard University. She is interested in the political economy of authoritarianism and welfare policy reform in the Middle East and North Africa. Prior to her graduate studies, she worked on USAID projects in the MENA region and was a Fulbright Research Fellow in Jordan. She graduated with a BA in International Political Economy and Middle East/North Africa Studies from Pitzer College.


Mohammad Almoghabat

Mohammad Almoghabat is a third-year PhD candidate at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is currently the MENA Office Director at EuroMed Human Rights Monitor. Previously, Mohammad worked with several international and national organizations including UNDP, the Agency for Peacebuilding, Innovation for Change, Transparency International Lebanon, NAHNOO, and Lebanese Eco Movement, among others. Mohammad’s professional experience centers around international human rights law, good governance, anti-corruption, accountability and transparency, while also conducting organizational development strategies and plans. He has several publications in these fields.


Fadi Amer

Fadi Amer is a PhD candidate and Gates Scholar in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge. His doctoral work concerns nationalism and sectarian politics in modern Lebanon, and he has previously published on Amartya Sen’s conception of liberty. More broadly, he is interested in historical approaches to the political economy of the Middle East, particularly the Levant, and political theory stemming from these inquiries. Prior to his doctoral studies, he worked with the United Nations Refugee Agency in Tunisia.



Tala Abdulghani

Tala Abdulghani is the Assistant Project Coordinator at the Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution. She holds an MA in International Affairs and is a CLS scholarship recipient. She is also a strong and vocal advocate for human and animal rights. Her research interests center around social justice, gender and development.



Fadi N. Nassar

Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Affairs
Director, Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution