BA in English Suggested Study Plan

The following three-year course map represents only one of a great many of possible course maps, since each course map—at least with regard to the courses in the major—will correspond to the profile of the individual student. 

In the sample case below, the student is most interested in literature, then in writing, and relatively least in language. Thus her/his course map presents the 34 cr for LAC, the 24 cr of the major core, the 15 cr of the literature option, the 6 cr of the writing option, the 3 cr of the language option, and the 10 cr of free electives. Total = 92cr. of which 48 cr in the major.

Year 1


Number Course Cr
ENG202 Sophomore Rhetoric (LAC Core) 3
ENG213 Intro to Language (Major Core) 3
ENG216 Intro to Literature (Major Core) 3
ENG324 Medieval Literature (Major Lit Elective)  3
CST2— Cultural Studies (LAC Elective) 3
CSC201 Computer Applications (LAC Core) 1


Number Course Cr
ENG203 Oral Communication (LAC Core) 3
ENG281 Language and Change (Major Core) 3
ENG372 Comparative and World Literature (Major Core) 3
—- Free Elective 3
ENV200 Intro to Environmental Science (LAC Elective) 3
ETH201 Moral Reasoning (LAC Core) 3

Year 2


Number Course Cr
ENG303 Literary Linguistics (Major Core) 3
ENG339 19th Century British Novel (Major Core) 3
ARA3— Arabic (LAC Core) 3
POL231 Intro to Human Rights (LAC Elective) 3
PHL311 Philosophy of Religion (LAC Elective) 3


Number Course Cr
ENG342 Modernism & Beyond (Major Literature Elec.) 3
ENG345 20th Century British Novel (Major Literature Elec.) 3
ENG366 Creative Writing (Major Core) 3
—- Free Elective 3
ENG479 Topics in Lit & Culture (Major Core) 3

Year 3


Number Course Cr
ENG336 Romantic & Victorian Poetry (Major Lit Elective) 3
ENG361 Adaptation (Major Writing Elective) 3
ENG480 Discourse and Power (Major Language Elective) 3
COM210 Communication Media & Society (LAC Elective) 3
HLT201 Basic Health (LAC Core) 1
REL411 Myth & Ritual (LAC Elective) 3


Number Course Cr
ENG361 Multimedia Storytelling (Major Writing Elective) 3
ENG499 Senior Study (Major Core) 3
ART431 Modern Art 3
—- Free Elective 3
PED2— Physical Education (LAC Core) 1
—- Free Elective 3

*For a full list of Liberal Arts Curriculum courses (LAC), click here.