BS in Chemistry Suggested Pre-med Study Plan

You are required to complete 97 credits to graduate.

Fall 1

Number Course Cr.
CHM201 Chemical Principles 3
CHM203 Qualitative Analysis 1
MTH201 Calculus III  3
ENG202 Advanced Academic English (LAC) 3
  Social Sc. (LAC) 3
BIO201 General Biology I 4

Spring 1

Number Course Cr.
CHM301 Analytical Chemistry 3
CHM204 Quantitative Analysis  2
PHY201 Electricity and Magnetism  4
  Arts and Humanities Elective (LAC) 3
CSC201 Computer Applications  1
BIO202 General Biology II  4

Fall 2

Number Course Cr.
CHM311 Organic chemistry I 3
CHM313 Organic chemistry I Lab  1
CHM330 Physical chemistry I  4
  Social Sc. (LAC) 3
BIO321 Genetics 3
PHY301 Classical Physics for Life Sciences  3

Spring 2

Number Course Cr.
CHM312 Organic chemistry II  3
CHM314 Organic chemistry II Lab  1
CHM332 Physical chemistry II  3
CHM334 Physical chemistry Lab  2
MTH Math Elective  3
BCH301 Intro to Biochemistry  4

Fall 3

Number Course Cr.
CHM421 Inorganic chemistry I   3
  Arts and Humanities Elective 3
CHM499 Senior Study  3
  Free LAC 3
CHM302 Instrumental Analysis  3
  Chemistry Lab Elective 2

Spring 3

Number Course Cr.
CHM422 Inorganic chemistry II  3
  Chemistry Elective  3
COM203 Fund. Oral Comm. (LAC) 3
CHM425 Computational Chemistry  2
CHM423 Syn. and ID of Inorg. Comp 2