BS in Mathematics Mission, Objectives and Learning Outcomes


The mission of the Mathematics program at LAU is to prepare its students, through high quality education, for mathematically related careers, as well as for higher studies in mathematics and other related fields.

Program objectives

  1. Prepare graduates to apply their logical reasoning and problem solving skills to real life problems throughout their careers.
  2. Prepare graduates who are committed to the quality and improvement of teaching math at all school levels.
  3. Prepare graduates to pursue advanced studies in mathematics or other related fields by providing them with the appropriate background in theoretical and applied areas.

Learning outcomes

Students who successfully complete the mathematics major will be able to:

  1. Construct and analyze mathematical models describing real world phenomena.
  2. Use appropriate mathematical tools for symbolic and numeric computations.
  3. Apply mathematical methods to solve problems from various related disciplines.
  4. Explain mathematical arguments effectively both orally and in writing.
  5. Formulate and reproduce mathematical proofs.
  6. Demonstrate mastery of the core concepts in algebra and analysis.
  7. Interrelate different branches of mathematics.