MA in International Affairs Mission, Objectives and Learning Outcomes


The Masters of Arts Program in International Affairs seeks to prepare students to become effective professionals and leaders in national and international institutions, while upholding the highest intellectual and ethical standards, dedication to public service and international cooperation and understanding among people.  

Program Objectives

The graduates in the MA in International Affairs shall:

  1. Analyze the theoretical, practical, legal and ethical dimensions of international relations; 
  2. Demonstrate the ability to conduct research
  3. Demonstrate commitment continuous professional development as life-long learners in various research methods and professional milieus.

Learning Outcomes

Students shall be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of political, historical, economic and social processes that shape national and international relations;
  2. Exhibit an understanding of theories and paradigms used to comprehend and explain international relations;
  3. Synthesize issues and institutional arrangements that shape today’s global order;
  4. Defend and critique theories and analyses of international affairs, orally and in writing
  5. Apply qualitative and quantitative research skills necessary to produce quality research papers
  6. Applying practical leadership, conflict resolution and diplomatic negotiation skills.