MA in Migration Studies Mission, Objectives and Intended Outcomes


Basing itself on the University’s mission, the MA in Migration Studies program provides students with a high quality education that covers the main fields of migration studies, namely: Theories of migration, migration and development, gender and migration, politics and migration, as well as research methodology in social sciences. The M.A. program prepares students for doctoral studies, and/or a variety of professional careers.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Prepare graduates for PhD Program and for migration studies related careers, locally and abroad, with a multidisciplinary broad knowledge of the migration studies field, related principles, research tools, and theories.

 2. Develop graduates who are committed to long-term learning; capable of working effectively in teams and national and international organizations, including the management, regulation and advocacy of migration phenomena; and who possess good communication, research and writing skills in the various fields of migration.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, students should be able to:

1. Demonstrate substantive knowledge about the facts, theories, and concepts in migration studies orally and in research and writing.

2. Demonstrate the ability to ask relevant research questions pertaining to migration studies orally and in writing.

3. Apply research skills, including research design, data analysis, and interpretation in the field in written and oral forms.

4. Apply the use of information technology for a variety of purposes: accessing national migration data bases, data gathering, the application of computer software designed for quantitative and qualitative data analysis (e.g. SPSS).

 5. Interpret and apply “practical” skills such as the ability to write report and design policy recommendations, give public presentations and work cooperatively to solve problems associated with people mobility.