Minor in Biology

What Will I Learn?

Our program will provide you with basic general information in biology through lecture and laboratory courses. 

A Minor in Biology will help you:

Your Career

The Minor in Biology aims to prepare you for pursuing further education in health-related fields such as medicine, medicinal chemistry, nutrition, public health and medical laboratory. It also offers you with wider scope of job opportunities

With this comprehensive preparation, you can become more competitive in the job market.


This program requires 19 credits. The duration will vary depending on how many of the minor courses can be counted as part of your major courses. Make sure to consult with your advisor.

Biology requirement (19 credits)

Number Course Cr
BIO201 General Biology I 3
BIO201B General Biology I Lab 1
BIO202 General Biology II 3
BIO202B General Biology II Lab 1
BIO321 Genetics 3
BIO345 Cell and Molecular Biology 3
BIO345B Cell and Molecular Biology Lab 1
BCH301* Introduction to Biochemistry 4

*Students planning to complete a minor in biology need to complete the chemistry sequence (CHM201, CHM311, and CHM312) to be able to register BCH301.