Minor in Food Science & Management

Our program promotes active learning and develops your understanding of food science, in addition to management and marketing.

It will complement your knowledge in nutrition, food science and business. The courses will provide a foundation in the applied science of food science and business that incorporates elements of basic and nutritional sciences, food production and preparation, concept development, food safety, and franchise. This minor will meet the increasingly need for food experts.

What Will I Learn?

A Minor in Food Science and Management will help you:

Who Can Apply?

Any LAU student can take this minor, particularly those interested in pursuing a career in the food service industry. Students who are enrolled in this program mainly from nutrition, hospitality management, chemistry, biology, and management programs.

Your Career

Among the program’s objectives is to produce competent graduates who demonstrate a general knowledge in food science, business, franchise, safety and quality assurance systems. It trains you to incorporate evidence-based knowledge to formulate possible solutions to emerging problems in the food and beverage industry.  

Our program also develops inter-professional competencies that will allow you to engage in the improvement of human well-being by providing safe and wholesome food products.


For a Minor in Food Science and Management, you must complete a minimum of 20 credits

Required Courses (14 credits)

Number Course Cr Semester
NUT201 Fundamentals of Human Nutrition 3 Fall/spring/summer
HOM250 Food Preparation I 3 Fall/spring/summer
HOM203 Food and Beverage Concept Development  3 Fall, spring
NUT335 Food Service and Safety Management  3 Spring
NUT345 or NUT346 Industrial Food Production or Quantity Food Production 2 Spring

Elective Courses (6 credits)

Number Course Cr Semester
NUT312 Food Chemistry 3 Fall
MKT201 Introduction to Marketing 3 Fall/spring/summer
MGT201 Introduction to Management 3 Fall/spring/summer