Minor in Multimedia Journalism

What Will I Learn?

The Minor in Multimedia Journalism offers students from any major the opportunity to learn basic journalism skills and theories in as few as two semesters.

Who Can Apply?

As a flexible program, this minor may be completed while current students are pursing any BA at LAU or after graduation in the case of LAU alumni and graduates from other universities.


The Minor in Multimedia Journalism requires 18 credits:

Core Courses (6 credits)

Course Number Name
JSC 220 News Writing & Reporting
JSC 226 Multimedia Journalism Basics

Departmental Electives (12 credits)

Course Number Name
Digital Media Design
JSC 224 Social Media
JSC 228 Arabic News Writing and Reporting
JSC 232 Photojournalism
JSC 312 Media & Society
JSC 314 Data and Society
JSC 330 Arab and International Media
JSC 332 Broadcast Journalism
JSC 419 Media Law and Ethics
JSC 480 Global Media Literacy
JSC 481 Global Change, Cooperation & News
JSC 488 Topics in Media Studies