Minor in Performing Arts

What Will I Learn?

The Minor in Performing Arts offers students from any major basic skills and competencies in dance, music, and theater.


The Minor in Performing Arts requires 18 credits:

Course Number Name
PFA 210 Western Music Appreciation


PFA 214


PFA 221


PFA 241


Oriental Music Appreciation


Theories of Body in Performance


Introduction to Acting

Departmental Electives (15 credits)

Course Number Name
Western Music Appreciation
PFA 214 Oriental Music Appreciation
PFA 221 Theories of Body in Performance
PFA 222 Art of Dance
PFA 241 Introduction to Acting
PFA 242 Art of Theater
PFA 244 Stage Production & Design
PFA 311 Ear Training, Sight Singing and Music Theory
PFA 315 Music/Vocal Ensemble
PFA 316 Dance Repertory Performance
PFA 317 Recording and Sound Reinforcement Techniques
PFA 321 Dance Improvisation
PFA 342 Principles of Performing Arts Productions
PFA 421 Dance Composition
PFA 488 Topics in Performing Arts
EDU 330 Management of Learning Environments
JSC 481 Global Change, Cooperation & News
JSC 480 Global Media Literacy