Minor in Philosophy

A Minor in Philosophy will give you the basic skills required to think about philosophical questions while also improving your critical and creative thinking skills.

What Will I Learn?

Upon the completion of the minor in philosophy program, you should be able to:

Your Career

Every major requires clear thinking, and every human confronts philosophical questions, so by minoring you will be more competitive on the job market while benefitting personally.

The program aims to teach you how to think and argue philosophically both inside and outside philosophy. It will also help you develop a moral outlook which will allow you to negotiate life and career situations in a healthy and responsible way. Finally this minor will give you the resources to understand your major in a more critical and reflective way.


The Minor in Philosophy requires 18 credits (six courses), divided between core requirements and philosophy electives. 

Core Requirements (6 Credits)

Theoretical/Practical Concentration (3 credits)

Students must take one of the below courses:

Number Title Cr
PHL222 Symbolic  Logic 3
PHL223 Ethics 3

History of Philosophy (3 credits)

Students must take at least one of the following courses:

Number Title Cr
PHL331 Ancient Philosophy 3
PHL332 Medieval Philosophy 3
PHL333 Early Modern Philosophy 3
PHL334 19th Century Philosophy 3
PHL335 Arab and Islamic Philosophy 3

Electives Requirements (12 Credits)

Any philosophy course excluding PHL499-Senior Study.