SDGs in the Computer Science Courses

Computer Science contributes to several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were set by the United Nations. The well-designed Computer Science curriculum at the Lebanese American University ensures that students acquire a deep understanding and practical skills with the latest computer science tools and technologies to prepare them to effectively tackle these global challenges.

SDGs LAU CSC Courses Brief Explanation
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


CSC320, CSC322, CSC375, CSC430, CSC447, CSC490, CSC491, CSC598, CSC599, CSC435, CSC460, CSC463, CSC443, CSC455, CSC458

Computer science is at the heart and behind innovation in industry and infrastructure development, decision-making, data analytics, artificial intelligence, information access and connectivity.
Partnerships for the Goals

CSC598, CSC599 Collaboration is essential in computer science, as it often involves interdisciplinary work between computer scientists and a variety of other fields since many processes are nowadays digitalized. The Computer Science program and research projects foster partnerships to address complex challenges in various fields.