Teaching Diploma Mission, Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Under the umbrella of LAU’s Vision, the Mission of the Education program, as well as the Teaching Diploma, is to prepare future teachers who are academically and personally qualified to promote LAU as a first-class institution, and to demonstrate leadership in their places of employment.

Educational Objectives

The Teaching Diploma at LAU aims to prepare teachers who demonstrate:

Learning Outcomes

Graduates in the Teaching Diploma will be able to:

  1. Distinguish the different theories of education, and understand their impact on the curriculum.
  2. Develop clear and measurable instructional objectives.
  3. Plan unit lessons, curricular materials, and activities for teaching.
  4. Select and implement appropriate strategies for teaching specific subjects at the early, elementary, or secondary level.
  5. Organize learning environments, and to implement theories of child guidance and behavioral management, so as to create positive classroom atmosphere.
  6. Act as problem solvers, and make appropriate, and informed, decisions in teaching/learning situations using critical thinking, and analysis.
  7. Plan strategies, and to prepare tools for assessing students’ achievement (formal as well as informal assessment).
  8. Pursue professional development opportunities as life-long learners.