Round table discussion with Dr. Rosita di Peri

February 2, 2012 —

This discussion emphasized on the Arab uprising along with the European perspective vis-à-vis the uprisings, as well as Lebanon’s position against this backdrop.

The roundtable participants included:

-Dr. Rosita Di Peri (University of Turin, Italy)

-Dr. Habib Malik (Humanities, LAU)

-Dr. Walid Mubarak (Social Sciences, LAU)

-Dr. Makram Ouaiss (Social Sciences, LAU)

-Dr. Marwan Rowayheb (Social Sciences, LAU)

-Mr. Elie Samia (Social Sciences, LAU)

-Dr. Jennifer Skulte-Ouaiss (Social Sciences, LAU)


The discussion was moderated by: Dr. Tamirace Fakhoury (Social Sciences, LAU)