Book Exhibition:Children’s Literature course

The students enrolled in the Children’s Literature course (EDU321) during the Fall 2012-2013 called for a book exhibition on March 13, 2013. The exhibited books were prepared by the students in fulfillment of the requirements of the course.
Twenty five fiction and nonfiction books in three languages (Arabic, English and French) targeting the different age groups (3 - 5) and (6 - 8) highlighted the different themes and tackled embedded moral values, such as: conflict control, children with disabilities, the environment, gender roles, family, friendship, brotherhood-sisterhood, health, self-esteem, cultures, and accepting the other. The different themes and content of these books were carefully selected by the students to serve as supporting resources in teaching different subjects such as: science, math, social studies and civic education.
The exhibition was attended by LAU professors, the chairperson of the Education Department, the Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management, as well as, students, friends, and parents.