Lecture: “Sense of Self Control and Mental Health”

The Department of Social Sciences, Psychology Program, hosted a lecture on: “Sense of Self Control and Mental Health” by Dr. Marwan Gharzeddine, a Clinical Psychologist at Haigazian University - Department of Psychology.

The lecture was held on March 18, 2013 at Sage Hall, Room G01, Beirut Campus.

About Dr. Marwan Gharzeddine

Dr. Marwan Gharzeddine is a Lecturer at Haigazian University and a Clinical Associate at AUBMC. He is also Director of the CedarPsych Center for Psychological Assessment, Counseling and Psychotherapy. Along various therapeutic approaches, he is also a trained Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing therapist. Dr. Gharzeddine is a USA Licensed Psychologist and he received his Ph.D. degree in Counseling and School Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and a Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University. He has been teaching since 1998 first as Assistant Professors at AUB and later on as a Lecturer at Haigazian University. He has also trained and supervised a large number of students who do clinical/counseling work in various schools and mental health service settings as part of their clinical practicum both at Haigazian University as well as AUBMC. Dr. Gharzeddine was also the lead clinical investigator in a large study that assessed the impact of war on 6500 children’s mental health post 2006 Israeli-Lebanese war and published the results along with other team members in a book both English and Arabic.