Stable/Unstable: Movie Screening

On the evening of Tuesday, March 18, the Department of Communication Arts organized a unique event for its students, faculty and staff at Metropolis Empire Sofil, Ashrafieh for the screening of  طالع نازل  (Stable/Unstable).

The critically acclaimed film was directed by Dr. Mahmoud Hojej who received his BA in Communication Arts from LAU.

Attendees included the President of LAU, Dr. Joseph Jabbra, the Dean of Arts & sciences,  Dr. Nashat Mansour, Assistant Dean in the School of Arts & sciences, Dr. Samer Habre and Ms. Paula Habre, faculty member in the School of Arts and Sciences.

The event commenced with an inspirational heartfelt address by President Jabbra before the movie screening. There was an additional Q&A with the director. LAU students and attendees participated in the session which was moderated by the renowned film critic Emile Chahine. 

Stable Unstable group.JPG

The event was a great opportunity for students, faculty and staff from the two campuses to come together in an informal setting that simultaneously fostered learning and entertainment.

Encouraged by this success, the Department is looking forward to organizing similar future activities.