Internal Screening of Student Films

As always, Irwin Theatre is bustling with activity, but this time, the movies that were screened promoted films created by Communication Arts students, for an internal audience of their own peers, departmental faculty members, and staff.

Organized by Ms. Anna Fahr and Ms. Annie Tabakian, faculty and staff members from the Department of Communication Arts, this event gathered the community on April 11, 2014 for the much anticipated internal screening of films made by students of the Narrative and Documentary Filmmaking course from the Spring and Fall 2013 semesters.

Four films were presented at last week’s screening, all of which demonstrated a high level of artistic and technical ability as well as a strong cinematic vision and mature handling of difficult themes and subject matter.

Faculty and other members of the LAU community commented on the advancements LAU students have made in recent years, honing their skills in the art and craft of filmmaking.

Ms. Fahr expressed her pride in her students’ work. She believes them to be on their way  “to becoming important contributors to the region’s film industry.”

Nadeem Saleh, a Communication Arts student, believes such events to be ” very beneficial” as they encourage students to work harder on their films when they’re sure to have an audience. 

Firas Bou Zeineddine, a student whose film was screened at the event, considers that he and the other students were able to dive into the task at hand in order to express their “different visions in [their] first short films.”