Public Lecture on Seeing Things Differently

The Department of Humanities cordially invites you to a lecture by Rami El Ali, from the University of Miami, Department of Philosophy.

The lecture will be given via video conferencing.

Mr. El Ali will be talking about “Seeing Things Differently: What Hallucinations Tell Us about the Mind”.

When? Friday, May 23, at 3:00 pm

Where? Nicol 222, LAU Beirut Campus

Abstract: The lecture considers how the problem of hallucinations, which originates in Descartes’ Meditations, bears on two contemporary understandings of the mind. On the first, the mind depends on the brain representing reality internally (the representational model), whereas, on the second, the brain simply attunes us to features of external reality (the attunement model). The lecturer will argue that recent solutions to the problem of hallucinations suggest the first of these two models. By contrast, a new solution, which favours the second, will be suggested by the lecturer.