Vis-à-Vie: A Dynamic Educational Model

The department of Education hosted Dr. Lara Alameddine, UNDP consultant and the creator of a dynamic educational model which provides solutions to the challenges facing today’s educational system.


Vis-à-Vie is a dynamic model aimed at serving the new generation of children from kindergarten to high school with the best skills to face the ongoing changes of a growing world. It offers progressive studies in social, emotional and relational learning that helps students develop their creativity and that raises their knowledge in many topics such as the new types of intelligence, communication, leadership, self-awareness, critical thinking, ethics and morals, new technologies, environment, health and creative arts.

Vis-à-Vie also trains highly skilled teachers and adapts training courses to parents who wish to learn more about this program which can be taught as one optional subject at school, and this suggestion has been accepted by the Ministry of Education.

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