WEB: Experimental Music and Performance

In May 2014, the department of Communication Arts, led by faculty member, Dr. Martin Loyato, introduced the community to the LAU Mosaic Ensemble’s WEB.

This initiative, born out of the Theatre in Performance Class, immersed the audience in an interdisciplinary project that involves dance, music, poetry, theater and visual arts and revolves around our New World of Social Media.


WEB was written and directed by Dr. Martín Loyato in collaboration with British poet, Ms.Moem, Italian poet, Manuela Gallina, and Jordanian DJ and LAU student Fayez Burgan.

The audience was encouraged to bring their mobile devices to take pictures, write comments and exchange ideas on the “WEB” - Facebook and twitter pages - during the concert. Their interaction was streamed online and projected live on the main screen. This was an opportunity to explore the possibilities of new technologies and social media and think deeply about the effects of our actual social interactions.

Dr. Loyato believes that such initiatives allow young people to observe their surroundings profoundly. “We feel more confident and less fearful when we communicate electronically, while we are losing the spiritual and human touch of daily precious moments.”

Dr. Raed Mohsen, Dean of Students in Beirut, stated that the experience was “dazzling” and exceeded all expectations. Audience members unanimously marveled at the creativity, and even younger attendees, like Millal Abbouchi, 10 years old, expressed their amazement and considered the show to be exciting from beginning to end, with never a dull moment.

After a performance like this, one can’t help but wonder whether the audience can truly internalize such an experience for a longer period of time, a wish that was expressed by Nora Kamareddine, Political Science student at AUB.


LAU Students/Faculty who were part of this unique performance:

  • Youmna Bou Hadir: Vocals - LAU student
  • Moe Al Khansa: Vocals - LAU student
  • Fayez Burgan: Sound Engineer, DJ - LAU student
  • Reya Wahab: Violin - LAU student
  • Joseph Abil Lama: Electric Guitar - LAU student
  • Nay Tabbara: Bass - LAU student
  • Ali Moughnieh: Percussion/ Drum Set - LAU student
  • Christina Fakhry: Dancer - LAU student
  • Hamza Mekdad: Social and Multimedia - LAU student
  • Martin Loyato: Trumpet, Cajon, Piano - LAU Faculty
  • Alireza Khatami: Host and Graphic Designer - LAU Faculty
  • Production Manager: Hala Masri - LAU Staff
  • Light Designer: Mohamad Hissi - LAU student
  • Light Operator: Mohamad Saad - LAU student
  • Stage Manager: Yara Bissani - LAU student
  • House Manager: Zeina Badran - LAU student
  • Photographer: Lana Yassine ‐ LAU student
  • Videographer: Annie Tabakian - LAU Staff