Movie Screening: Tutti Giu

Jullo, Edo, and Chiara are three teenagers whose lives are actually represented by the sports they live for. Jullo “is” his skateboard; Chiara conquers the world on skis; and Edo is a sprayer. One day Jullo, Chiara and Edo suddenly discover their own lives, each in their own way: fears, dreams, surprises, loneliness, uncertainty, expectations, impermanence, imbalance. Then one moment, one second, one “click.” A click, after which they rediscover themselves, which leads to either adulthood - or unsparingly - carries them away.

On Wednesday, October 22, the department of Communication Arts organized a screening of the movie Tutti Giù (Everybody Sometimes Falls), directed by Swiss Filmmaker Nicolò Castelli. This was followed by a Q&A session with the Director. Anna Fahr, a faculty member in the department, considered the screening  an excellent opportunity for LAU students to view the work of an up-and-coming Swiss director and to have a conversation with him about the film afterwards. “She believes that these types of activities provide a valuable forum for students to “apply concepts they’ve learned while gaining insight from industry professionals working outside of Lebanon.”